Dive in Movies

Dive-In Movies in Albuquerque, NM

Late spring to early fall in New Mexico presents the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors during the warmer months of the year. At King Mobile Music, our professional DJs have combined warm temperatures and the need for fun to give you the perfect idea for a summertime get together: dive in movies.

What is a Dive-In Movie?

A dive in movie is a gathering, usually in a backyard or pool area, where people can hang out and enjoy a movie while taking a swim. These parties are usually started just before the sun sets to allow the movie to start just after dark for best viewing.

Our Dive-In Movie Services

Just like with any of our other events, we take two DJs in order to increase the level of interaction we have with our guests. One will be behind the DJ booth and the other will be mingling with the crowd in order to get song requests and to encourage interaction. Our music portion will happen before the movie starts in order to create a fun atmosphere. These parties are great for:

  • Elementary and high school functions
  • Movies in the park
  • Recreational centers and gyms
  • Holiday parties
  • Private birthday parties

At dive in parties, we use an ultra-bright throw projector and backyard-appropriate sound system in order to give your guests the opportunity to see and hear the show from wherever they are. For a totally unique and fun summertime get-together, contact our Albuquerque mobile DJs today!

Call 505-550-4183 for a FREE DJ consultation for a unique and fun dive in party in Albuquerque, New Mexico today.